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I heart j3

He rocks.

He gave me his jacket today. It gives me a plus 10 to morale.

Sadly I had to give it back. That made me sad. Soon, I will get a lock of his hair and we can make little j3 clones and life will be great.

Ok, seriously. There is a reason we started this little community. We, marissa and I, think J3 is a good example of how a guy should be. He is funny and sweet and listens when you whine and is always willing to give a hug. He's intuitive. He knows when something is wrong but won't push you if you aren't ready to talk. He's intelligent and got direction.

It really makes you wonder, how is he still single?

And we took a vote and the majority wants to pounce you. So watch out.

And then I will steal your jacket while your in the middle of this orgy fest.

so, j3. If you ever find this community, realize we are not obsessive stalkers, just people who think you are an awesome guy and deserves recognition for it. Especially for all the fucktards we run into.

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